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BMW Z8 For-Sale Listings (2)

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The average sold price for a BMW Z8 with 30,000 miles is $152,500

2002 BMW Z8

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2002 BMW Z8 Government Safety History


NHTSA Recalls

Recalls for the 2002 BMW Z8, Get accurate real prices for 2002 BMW Z8 and see.


NHTSA Complaints

Complaints for the 2002 BMW Z8, Get accurate real prices for 2002 BMW Z8


NHTSA Technical Service Bulletins

Complaints for the 2002tsb BMW Z8, Get accurate real prices for 2002 BMW Z8

Ownership Fuel Costs


City MPG 12

Hwy MPG 19

Cost of Ownership
Insurance N/A
Maintenance N/A
Gas (12K miles, $4.25 gal) N/A
Tire (3 sets, 30K per set) N/A

2002 BMW Z8 Price Research Information

Recalls issued by the NHTSA for the 2002 BMW Z8. TSB technical service bulletins, recalls, and consumer complaints. PriceHub is the ultimate online destination for GMC prices, research and information.

IIHS Safety Crash Ratings
Front NA
Side NA
Rollover NA
Rear NA

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For Sale Listings

For The BMW Z8

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2002 BMW Z8


Used 2002 BMW Z8

  • Milieage:
  • VIN :
  • Condition:
  • 33757
  • WBAEJ13452AH61790
  • Used
  • Body : Convertible
  • Trim : Base
  • Bend, Oregon 97702

2002 BMW Z8


18,265 Miles EXCEPTIONAL EXAMPLE No Paintwork 2-Owners Complete Package

  • Milieage:
  • VIN :
  • Condition:
  • 18265
  • WBAEJ13412AH61429
  • Used
  • Body : Convertible
  • Trim : Base
  • West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382

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