May 08, 2013

PriceHub Challenges Automotive Research Websites
With Alternative Featuring Actual Sold Prices, In-Depth Depreciation Calculations and Recalls PriceHub Data Finds 66% of Consumers Feel "Ripped Off" After Used Car Purchase(1); While Car Value Provided by Leading Automotive Resource Is 11% Higher Than Actual Sold Price. 
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May 06, 2013

TechCrunch: PriceHub Wants To Tell You How Much Your Car Is Really Worth, With Data To Prove It How much is your car worth? It’s an easy enough question to answer. Punch in the details at Kelley Blue Book, hit submit, and bam — question answered, ego stoked (or not.) But how do they know how much it’s worth? For the most part, even the tried-and-true sources like the ol’ Blue Book are kind of a black box... Read More.

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